Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Starting life in Al Ain

For the few days, that I have been here in Al Ain, we are always going out. Hubby brought us to the mall. Here, there are only 2 malls, the Al Jimi Mall and Al Ain Mall. He said that if I get bored then I know where to go. In Al Ain Mall there is a movie house, we are planning to bring Nichos to watch movies one of these days. He hasn't been to one so if ever this will be the first time.

For me not to get bored at home, hubby bought a mediacom so I can sing my heart out. Then, we bought a new TV for the bedroom as we only have one in the living room with the TFC but I couldn't watch because Nichos is always watching cartoon network. We had GMA Pinoy TV installed in the room instead. I can surf the internet from time to time and I also have my PSP to keep me busy. I'm still enjoying being at home and maybe when I get bored I would look for a job but the main question is who would take care of my son. So that is something I have to ponder on Family or career?? Although, being a mom is also a career in itself.