Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Work and Study

I am becoming more productive. I have 3 online jobs. 2 of which I got in www.odesk.com and another one outside odesk. It's a good thing that all of my clients are very accommodating. They always answer me if I have doubts on their instructions. I always tend to have a lot of queries and I usually want them to be answered before I start any job. All of the jobs have flexible time, meaning I can work in my own hours which is what I need as being a stay at home mom and housewife, I also need to attend to my son and hubby's needs. I am also planning to study medical transcription course online and I already found a school which can provide me with the training at a reasonable cost. I'm planning to start in the next couple of weeks. Studying is a very good option for me cause most of my online jobs are not long term so if any of them finishes, I still have something to be productive with.

So hopefully, I'll be able to manage my time being a freelance provider, student, mom and wife. Now, I can stay I am happy being a housewife.


Raging Fire said...

hey lars talaga? ok ba yung work?

Larla Anne said...

oo malaki kita lalo na pag masipag ka try mo.

Mamee Jhy aka Mamee Closet said...

hi! ok ba yun odesk? nakita ko lang sa FN :) pwede mag post ka dito sa blog mo ng tips? :)thanks!