Thursday, October 2, 2008

Being Pregnant

I'm now 7 weeks pregnant. I though I was one of those lucky people who won't go through vomiting and nausea but I was so wrong. This week I started having them although its not morning sickness, I'm having afternoon sickness. I'm so sick and tired during the afternoon that I just want to sleep so I won't feel like having to vomit. I also lost my appetite and can't seem to find a taste that I like except Mcdonalds. Chocolates are my happy pill, but I can't seem to have myself take a bite of chocolates. I'm not so fond of sweets as I used to but is craving for something salty like peanuts.

Nichos is now happy with having a younger sibling but is always praying for a baby sister. He said he will only accept a baby sister. Of course, I would also want a baby girl and is praying for it but I know that its God's will on what He will give us. I'm always praying for a safe pregnancy and delivery and that my baby will be healthy and normal. I even found a Saint, to whom I pray to everyday, St. Gerard, the Saint for expectant mothers. I'm having my 2nd checkup on 3rd November and hopefully everything is fine with the baby. Being pregnant is really a miracle and I'm so happy and proud to be one. I look forward to seeing my little one soon.


The Wifey Diaries said...

congratulations! hope I could have a little one inside me soon. been praying and hoping for that. btw, cool blog. we've got the same template. giselle's got good layouts, no? keep on blogging!

Larla Anne said...

Thank you. Just keep praying!