Monday, April 13, 2009

Baby Lara Nichole

I'm now on my 35th week of pregnancy. I just had my check up this afternoon and is scheduled for Ceasarian section on my 39th week on May 14. I will be confined to the hospital at May 13 and the following day is my schedule in OR. Everytime I go for ultrasound, I always verify the gender just to be sure as I still can't believe that God answered my prayers for a baby girl. My son keeps on praying every night "Papa Jesus, I like baby sister please". Time surely flies by, before I only wished for a baby girl but now in just a few weeks, I'll be holding her in my arms. I'm so excited to see our little angel. I had a glimpse of her today through my ultrasound but she was sound asleep. We finalize the name and decided on Lara Nichole. Lara means cheerful and Nichole means Victorious. We opted to add an "h" to the name Nicole as Nicholas is also spelled with an "h". We are all so excited for our little princess and I don't mind the sleepless nights ahead. I'm hoping though that I get to give birth as scheduled, I had Nichos at 38 weeks and we'll never know if I may give birth anytime soon.


shykulasa said...

Congrats sis! Wish u all the best :)