Sunday, May 10, 2009

Welcome Lara Nichole

I gave birth to the newest addition to our family, Lara Nichole Landicho last 07 May 2009 at 10:18 am via Cesarian section. I was only supposed to go to the hospital for blood tests and go to work after but early in the morning I was having on and off menstrual like cramps so I opted to go to Labor and Delivery first to check before having my blood test. When they put me on CTG I was already having contractions this was around 8 am and was told that I will be sent to Operating Room in a few minutes. Good thing my husband accompanied me to be sure and we brought all the things for the hospital already just in case. I was sent into OR to have the anaesthesia and placed on the Operating table. My husband was with me inside the OR and talking to me while the operation was ongoing. It all happened so fast. I was scheduled already on the 14th but I guess she wants to come out early and we are so happy to have her.


utotmopink said...

wow sis, congrats on your healthy baby girl!

i have a similar post here 7 months ago :)

happy mothers day!

Anonymous said...

congrats sis!