Monday, June 15, 2009

At Last...

After 7 attempts to get a driving license, at last hubby passed the road test last Thursday. It is very hard to have no car here in the UAE as taxi's are difficult at times. It is not like in the Philippines wherein there are public transportation. Here in Al Ain, only taxis are available. Especially now that Nichole is here,having your own vehicle is very important. We are just waiting for our car loan and will be buying our first vehicle. We decided on a red color Nissan Xtrail 2009. It was hard to decide on what to buy, 2nd hand or brand new but since hubby does not know anything about cars we opted to go for the new one to avoid maintenance problems. I'm so excited for our new ride and am also planning to apply for a driver's license of my own one of these days if time permits as I am going back to work on 1st July.

Having a car here in UAE is a necessity not a luxury.