Friday, December 11, 2009

Party Dress

Christmas is just around the corner but unlike the Philippines,Christmas is not as celebrated here in UAE. I remember when I was little, my mom would buy us party dress for Christmas which we would wear to Christmas celebrations at school and at home. Getting older, I would normally buy a new outfit for the office Xmas party but it's been awhile as I used to work in Saudi Arabia wherein Christmas celebrations are limited. Now, in UAE it is more open and in the company where I am working, we will be having a Staff Annual Party, we do not call it a Xmas party as I have colleagues who are of different religion and do not celebrate Xmas. With that event coming, I had a hard time looking for a dress to wear as I do not want to be overdressed but do not want to appear casual as well. The party will be held in a Hotel so with that in mind I opted to look for a black dress. Who would go wrong with the little black dress. After hours of searching this afternoon with a budget of AED 100 ($28) in hand, I found the perfect dress for me, found it in H&M on sale for AED 59 ($16), I was so happy as it was less than my budget so I included a new bra to go with it also from H&M. When I went to pay for it, the dress was marked down to AED 39 ($10), this must be my lucky day. And so with my extra money in hand, I bought a strappy sandals for AED 30 ($8) to go with the dress and accessories AED 15 ($4) to brighten up the simple black dress. I bought a complete outfit for a total of AED 84 ($23). I'll keep you in suspense of what my outfit looks like, I will definitely post pictures of it when I wear it for the party on Friday.Ciao!