Friday, June 18, 2010

Sale season

It's sale season once again in UAE. Dubai Summer Sale has begun and Abu Dhabi summer Surprises is starting in July as well. Here in Al Ain, the sale fever has begun and in one of my favorite shops, Mango. I super love mango items but unfortunately it is way too expensive but during sale season prices go way down and I am able to buy or as may say splurge. I was able to buy 2 bags for at AED 55 (PhP 680) and AED 69 (PhP 865), Mango shirts at AED 29 (PhP 365), Wallet (PhP 563). Was also able to get a bossini slacks for AED 19 (PhP 238). I am such a bagahokic and the mango bags are sturdy I still have my old mango bag with me which I am still using from time to time. The Shirts that I have bought are for my mom and sister.

****Prices posted in Peso are approximate conversion only.