Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I'll miss Harry Potter...

I have never been a fan of Harry Potter, when everyone was buzzing about his movies, deadma lang ako, up until recently na wala na kaming mapanood so I started to watch from the beginning with the DVD collection of Harry Potter movies which we bought last year pa. From then on it was love, maganda pala talaga sya so I read the book before the movie is shown.
Just finished watching the latest movie in the big screen in 3D pa, talagang nauna na ko kasi for sure daming tao sa weekend. As always, the movie was really good. It was nice to see Voldemort's end but it was also the end for Harry Potter movies, kakasad. It was just like when Lord of the Rings ended. I'll sure miss Harry Potter, Hermione and Ron.
Me and Hubby in 3D glasses waiting for the movie to start