Sunday, October 30, 2011

TV shows

I have so many movies at home but really have no time to watch. I still have not finished the season 7 of Grey’s Anatomy and season 8 has already started. I am waiting for hubby to have the time to watch it with me as it becomes boring watching alone. Although I also spend time to watch my favorites TV series alone in my Ipad since eto yung mga palabas na feeling ko d magugustuhan ni hubby like the following except the walking dead:
1   Revenge  - this is my current favorite. Stars Madeleine Stowe and Emily Van Camp.

2.    The Lying Game – I am a follower of the Pretty Little Liars and they have the same author. I have also read the books pero yung TV series ibang iba sa books. No new episodes till January 2012.

3.    Pretty Little Liars – I enjoy the books so I loved the series as well. 

4.    Gossip Girl – I love Blair and Chuck, enough said.

5.    Ringer – It stars Sarah Michelle Gellar who played Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a series which I used to follow.

6.    Glee – My mom and sister influenced me to watch this and I’m hooked but they do not watch this anymore

7.    Walking Dead – Me and hubby both enjoy this and watch it together

 How about you, what are your favorite TV shows???


nate's mum said...

lars, try mo the big bang theory, 2 broke girls and awkward. funny sya :)

Larla Anne said...

thanks pen sige mag download ako. mommy ko naman sinuggest sa akin game of thrones tsaka falling skies.