Friday, November 25, 2011

Weekend Loots

We went to church this morning then proceeded to the mall afterwards. Me and my hubby watched Breaking Dawn while my niece and the kids roamed around the mall and played in the play area. The kids are so bored all week especially the little one that is why we see to it that we take them out during the weekend.

After watching the movie, I just had to look around H & M. It is one of favorite shops as they sell clothes at really affordable prices. Too bad, there is no H & M in the Philippines.  Of course the mommy cannot help but buy a few items (few ba ang more than 5?). Honestly I believe I am a thrift shopper, I may buy lots but the cost of the items are not expensive at all. I have a limit I would only buy items that cost not more than 35 AED which is like PhP 400 or $10. Ain't that cheap???  That goes for shoes and clothes except bags which are a bit more pricey. Although for dresses my limit would be like AED 70.

Below are my weekend loots:
AED 20
This dress is really nice for casual get up only AED 30
AED 20
This dress is great, it doesn't show my bulging tummy only AED 30
The long necklace is only AED 5 and the small pouch for AED 10
For computation purposes approximately 1 AED is = PhP 11.6 and $1 = AED 3.69. I have spent less than PhP 1,500 for all the items above,

Happy, happy me.....