Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday at Fridays

Friday is my favorite day of the week as it is weekend here. What better way to spend the day than to go to church and stroll in the mall. Fridays just opened in Bawadi Mall and we are all craving to eat there so now was the time to do so.
The little girl waiting for the food
Couple shot
Nichos savoring the iced tea
I ordered Fridays freeze, which was like orange shake with whipped cream and hubby ordered green apple mojito
Chicken Platter appetizer
Tenessee Chicken and shrimp platter
Blackened Chicken Alfredo
Cajun chicken and shrimp pasta
 All the food we ordered were great as in naubos namin lahat. Ang sarap din nung barbeque sauce nila at napakabilis ng service. I expected it to take some time but hindi mabilis sya. Highly recommended to try ang Friday's sa Bawadi Mall.

I also did a little shopping.
Blouse from H &M for only AED 20
Love the heart design
I love this antique necklace timepiece from New Look for only AED 7
When opened
Both Nichole and I had our OTD....

Wearing the H & M dress that I bought in my earlier post
Singkit ba o napapikit lang???


khusbu said...

hey check out my international giveaway

Larla Anne said...

thanks sis will check it out

Mirage said...

The tenesee chicken and shrimp looks so good!

Larla Anne said...

it is really good sis, yummy talaga sya, it must be the sauce as well