Saturday, March 31, 2012

Abu Dhabi Grand Mosque

A mosque is a place of worship for followers of Islam. There are various mosque all over UAE. In every corner, you will find a mosque, big and small. Unless you're a Muslim, you cannot go inside the mosque however in Abu Dhabi you will find the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque which is open to visitors of all nationalities for educational tours free of charge. However there are guidelines before you can enter the Mosque and strict dress and behaviour code as below:
Dress and Behaviour Code

  • -  Modest, conservative, loose fitting clothing; long sleeves, long skirts and trousers
  • -  No transparent (see-through) clothing
  • -  No shorts for men
  • -  No shorts and  skirts must be ankle length
  • -  No tight clothing, no swimwear and no beachwear
  • -  Shoes will be removed before entering the mosque, so we recommend slip off shoes
  • -  Headscarf for ladies is essential (these can be provided when you arrive)
  • -  Intimate behaviour; i.e. holding hands or kissing is not acceptable in a Muslim place of worship
  • -  For safety and respect to worshippers, visitors should stay within the areas of the mosque that  are permitted and not roam freely around. Smoking and food are not allowed in the mosque area
  • -  Visitors are requested not to touch the Holy Quran (Holy Book) and other architectural elements  inside the main prayer hall.

More information can be found in their official website

We had to wear an Abaya (cloak, simple loose over garment, robe like dress) before we were allowed entry to the Mosque. These are available and borrowed at the entrance. they also prohibit photos taken without the Abaya. We also need to be bare foot when entering the mosque. They provide plastic bags to store your foot wear. There were also tour guides who explain the relevance, structure and design of certain areas inside the mosque.
After putting on the abaya
There were lots of people, mostly expats visiting the place
Ganda ng designs sa wall at floor
The clock at the back shows the different times for prayer
I used to wear abaya in Saudi
The chandeliers were so nice that we just had to take a photo of it.
This was my OTD underneath the abaya. I was trying out color blocking with fuschia pink and orange.
Top from robinsons, skinnies from H and M, shoes from Max
It was truly a one of a kind trip. Visitors of UAE should make sure to drop by for a unique cultural experience.