Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dubai Summer Surprises

Dubai Summer Surprises (DSS) has started last June 14. It is a yearly shopping festival which is one of the highlights of the city’s summer calendar with GCC residents and other tourists flocking to the city looking for bargains in the over 6,000 stores participating in this annual event. It is sale in the UAE even in Al Ain but since there are more brands and shops in Dubai we went there today. Actually my main purpose was that I wanted to buy a longchamp bag and I do not want to buy online as I'm afraid that I will end up getting a replica. The only longchamp shop here is in The Dubai Mall so after convincing, my hubby agreed to go. Our trip was worth it as DSS had already started, we had great shopping finds. When items are on sale I just can't help but buy it since the next time you want it, the price has surely gone up and we rarely go to Dubai so that is my justification to hubby. Aldo was truly a steal in Dubai Outlet Mall. The bags and shoes were really cheap along with the accessories.
Sale everywhere, even the little girl enjoyed looking around
My smile says it all, I am so happy. Good thing it was on sale.  Got this for AED 388 around PhP 4,400 only.
school shoes for the little girl, crocs for Nichos and Reebok rubber shoes for Tatay
Gap shorts and jelly sandals for Nichole. Sandals was only AED 9 (PhP 104) and shorts AED 14 (PhP 160)
From above: Aldo shoes AED 52 (PhP 600), Shoe mart shoes AED 25, Aldo Bags: green (not mine- it is for my niece) AED 80 (PhP 920), orange AED 120 (PhP 1400), Aldo watched at AED 56 each (PhP 650); 1 for my mom and 1 for me. ALso got an ipad case from istore and hard drive case from Jumbo Electronics. 
OTD: left, maxi dress thrifted and fitflops; right, top, inner and orange pants from h and m, bag from aldo and fitflops
Happy Us!
I was also able to buy shirts for my son yesterday which I was not able to take photos of as well as a top from New Look. Most likely I will be on shopping hiatus for the next couple of weeks. Good thing my husband will be on duty for the next 2 weekends so I will be stuck at home coz I am too lazy to drive.


avagabondmom said...

i love sale season! the best time to buy early for gifts!

Larla Anne said...

Yup nakabili na ko for Xmas hehe