Sunday, February 19, 2017

Last Exit Dubai

Last December we had a staycation in Dubai to celebrate the New Year. We decided to go and visit the last exit. The concept is really nice and something new in Dubai. It is a unique Food Truck Park concept. You can dine and chill with family and friends. 

Unfortunately it was already night time when we went and the weather was very chilly. 

We just bought food from chicks n' friends which was really good. We paid around AED 54 for an 8 pcs chicken bucket. We were not able to eat it there though as  it was really cold and Lexa was sneezing already. 

We hope to go back next time in the morning or mid afternoon before winter ends since most likely this will not be open during the summer season as it will be too hot.

You can bring mats and have a picnic in the grassy area
Location: Interchange 11, Jebel Ali Hills on the E11 highway between Abu Dhabi and Dubai.
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