Saturday, February 18, 2017

Lexa has grown

I have been meaning to update this blog as much as I can but unfortunately my lazy self is too lazy to do so, am I making any sense???

Anyway, I will try really, I will, I should and I can.... What's keeping me busy is our little munchkin who never fails to make us smile everyday.

She is really growing up too fast. See how she's grown.
Newborn Lexa

3 months santa baby

 She turned 4 months last January 25 and she is a really smiling baby. Her smile in the morning is what keeps us energized through out the day.
 She can also now roll over.
 She loves sitting in her bumbo seat.
This photo was just taken this morning and she loves to be in a sit down position rather than lying down.
Her siblings adore her especially Lara and she always says that Lexa is so irresistable.

Children are such a blessing and looking at her I just can't believe that she came from me. She is indeed a miracle of life.