Thursday, March 27, 2008


We went to Cebu to spend the Holy week. I was excited as I haven't been there for years now. We used to live there and me and my sister were born there. My Mom is a Cebuana and my dad is from Leyte.

I was amazed as how Cebu has transformed. There are a lot of malls already, call centers, hotels, big buildings unlike before when there were only small department stores. There were even no Mc Donalds and Jollibee then. I remember when we go on vacation in Manila and I would show to my classmates the toys that are included in the Jollibee meals and I was so proud then. I studied there from Kinder to Grade 5.

The cost of living is much more cheaper than here in Manila. We did not experience traffic, the places are all so near to each other that riding the taxi will not cost you much. Jeepney fare is only 6pesos. The budget meals in the mall foodcourt has big servings.  

I would love to live there again but we do not have a house there anymore. My husband asked me to check if we can buy a house there but when I saw condo prices it was also the same like here in Manila and we have yet to finish paying for the house we bought here in Cavite. I will also have to bring my husband there  for him to check it out as he is from Batangas and has not been there to Cebu. When he hears me talking to a friend in Bisaya he says I'm speaking chinese again.

So maybe in the near future, we might think of checking Cebu out again who knows what new developments will be there.