Thursday, April 3, 2008

SAHM Project: Summer Classes with My Nichos at Gymboree

My son is enrolled in Gymboree Summer Classes in Alabang for 4 weeks. He is having 2 sessions per week. He is enrolled in Music class and Learning Lab.

When we had our trial class last week I was kind of hesitant in enrolling him as he was crying when we went to the classroom and he would not want me to leave his side. During the class I notice him slowly participating and enjoying it. When he finished class I asked him if he wants to continue attending classes and he said he likes it so then I enrolled him.

Yesterday, he had his 1st day in class. We arrived early so he can still have time to play in their play ground. He still wanted me to be by his side but after a while I told him I'll just wait outside and that there are also other children playing, so he agreed. While waiting I took out my PSP which supposedly I brought so I won't be bored waiting for him but I was not able to play at all as I enjoyed watching my son during his class. I was just outside peeking through the classroom window and I was so proud of him.

He really is a big boy now and I couldn't wait for him to start school but for now we will just enjoy our Gymboree moments. I look forward after classes when he would tell me what happened in class. It is something he does not only enjoy but I do too.


mirage2g said...

Hi Larla! Thanks for joining in! How old is your Nichos now? If I remember correctly you were my friend Maantaj's classmate back in BES? =)

Music school...I was looking for one near our area last week, sadly, its already closed for registration. =( Thanks for your project, I will pursue looking for one for my daughter! Good day!

Larla Anne said...

Hi! Nichos is 3 years and 8 months. Yup classmate ko si Maan nung College. Sayang d mo na enroll daughter mo. Take Care.