Thursday, April 3, 2008

Another Day @ Gymboree

Nichos had his second day at gymboree today however it was not as happy as yesterday. He was so eager to go to school. He was all dress up and wanted to go immediately. I just told him to just wear his havaianas slippers as they would remove their shoes when they play. He happily posed for a picture before leaving the house.

However when we arrived there, I forgot to bring my socks. Parents or whoever would look after the child have to wear socks, I was only wearing my havaianas then. He did not want to go in the playground without me. So we just waited for classes to start. He saw havaianas on sale and ask me to buy him one and so I did. We called Tatay to ask him if it was okay. Nichos asked me if it was expensive. It was cheap by the way. It was on sale buy 1 take 1 but they do not have any other design for boys so I bought only 1.

When it was time for classes to start, his tantrums started he kept on crying saying that he miss his tatay and insisted on calling him and so we did but it still did not stop him from crying. He had so many reasons, he wants to buy donuts, he wants his pillow, he wants to go home etc. He only wants me by his side. So while the class was ongoing I was there beside him. It was so unlike yesterday. It was a good thing he enjoyed when they were already doing Art (coloring, painting).

It must have been because he was not able to play before the start of class that made him irritable. So the next time we go to school I promise myself to bring my socks. Hope I wont forget or else I have to be ready for tantrums.