Friday, April 4, 2008

Cell phone addict

I remembered my very first mobile phone given to me by my parents when I was in 2nd year College, it was a Philips Twist. I wanted a mobile then as we were in Cavite and we had no landline so a mobile was what I needed to get in touch with friends.

I've been through so many mobile phone's already from Philips, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola then to Nokia again. I guess it's only Samsung which I haven't tried for my own since my husband had one before and I was able to use it once in a while.

After my Philips Twist, I was given a Nokia 5110 which was so "in" before and was so expensive. Afterwhich I tried Nokia 3110 and 3115. Then, when I was able to go Saudi and I was earning my own money I bought a Nokia 6110 (not so sure about the model, all I remembered was it was colored, polyphonic but no camera). It did not take long for me to realize that I wanted a phone with camera and video so after a few months I switched to Nokia 3650. It was like the perfect phone that time as it had video, camera and true tones unfortunately after a year I noticed it was too big for me so I bought a Nokia 6230. It was cool and small but then I got tired of it and wanted to try another mobile phone brand and so I switch. This time, I bought Sony Erricsson phone K700i. It was handy with camera and video and I had it for some time but then again I noticed the phones which are touch screen and with stylus and I badly wanted them. So I sold my ericsson phone and bought a P900. It was so much fun, I discovered ebooks, enjoyed the touch screen and stylus. But then, I got a smart postpaid line and there was phone included a Nokia N70 and so I gave my P900 to my hubby and enjoyed the N70. I downloaded lots of games, themes, ebooks, customized my phone to my preference.

Unfortunately when I went to Saudi again, the N70 cannot be unlocked to become an open line and I cannot use my Saudi sim so I used the P900 for a while but got tired of it because it was too big to fit my uniform pocket. Then I bought Motorola V3, honestly I bought it not for the features as there were not that much, the camera was only VGA, no memory card slot, I only wanted it for the color as it was hot pink and I love pink. In Saudi, you do not really need such high end phones as all you do is text and call so the Motorola V3 was right for me at that time. But then, my sister had her mobile stolen so I sent her the Motorola phone since I was already eyeing the Nokia N73 music edition that time and wanted one so it was the perfect opportunity to buy.

Now, I am loving my Nokia N73. The camera's resolution is high, the memory card is 2 gig, I can put lots of music, even movies. I use it to video my son and send to my hubby in UAE.

I find it difficult to transfer all files, contact, notes to a new phone if ever I buy one again. I am checking out the dual sim phone just for the fact that it can hold 2 sims at the same time and now I am using 2 phones for my sun and smart sim.

For now, I do not want another phone YET But then again, we'll never know as I am cell phone addict and I admit it. Even my husband is, he has already owned tons of cell phone model's too.