Monday, April 7, 2008

Contact Lens

After I gave birth, my eyes has not been the same as before (20/20 vision). I need to wear glasses so I could see better. Last year I tried contact lenses. I bought a brown colored lens from fresh look. I had a hard time putting it on. It took me 1 hour just to put it on I was teary eyed and when I was able to put it , the problem was taking it out. But I realized it was easier than trying it on. I was so excited to use it but after a day it was torn. It must have been stuck in the contact lens case. So I went back to glasses. Then an Optometrist in the previous hospital where I worked suggested Biomedics clear contact lens and it was great I have been using it till recently as I had no more of that product. I bought last week a Tutti gray contact lens. It lasts for 3-6 mos. depending on usage. I don't use contact lens that often, only when going out. The contact lens I bought make my eyes look bigger. It was of dark gray shade and I love it. It's not shouting like "look at me, I'm wearing contacts" You'll only notice it when you look at me straight in the eye.

I have been so used to wearing clear contacts that this is something different that I've tried. And guess what, it now only takes seconds for me to put my contact on and no more teary eyes.