Friday, April 18, 2008

Online Shopping

I did not want to go out as I want to save money from shopping. When you go out to the mall you need to pay for transport, food and more temptation to buy things you don't really need. I opted to stay at home however I realized that staying at home was getting as expensive as going out as I'm beginning to love online shopping. I have bought quite a few items now. Though some have yet to be delivered. I just browse through multiply, ebay sites. I don't usually buy clothes cause I want to be able to try them on. I usually check for jewelries silver particularly, shoes and bags. And when I do find something I like, I tell it to my sister and mom so we can share the shipping expenses and we do have the same taste. Lucky for me....

Because of this love for online shopping and since I've notice lots of people are now into online shopping, we decided to also put up our own online store. For now, we only sell books and magazines. These are things that we already have. We are able to clean up and we are earning money as well. We are hoping to venture into selling other items soon. Please feel free to browse our site

You might find something you'll like :)


lai said...

Businesswoman ka na rin pala ha!