Saturday, April 19, 2008

Baby Brother

Nichos is turning 4 in July and he eagerly wants a baby brother. He has been asking for months now. He always ask me if I'm pregnant and he pretends that I am since he loves to rub my tummy and lay his head to hear the baby. He would always tell me Mama, I like baby brother or sometimes he wants a baby sister. We even have names picked out. It's Mhon Liam for a boy and Lara Nicole for a girl. There are times when he wants a girl then he wants a boy but now he has a prayer " Papa Jesus, I like baby brother please". So I guessed, he is now keen on having a baby brother. I would have loved to grant his request as I also want another baby soon but unfortunately Tatay is in UAE so I guess Nichos has to wait. We will hopefully be going to UAE next month so I hope Nichos' prayer would come true.


mirage2g said...

wow cute! Its nice to know, perhaps it would be easy for him if a baby comes along.