Friday, May 9, 2008


A few things I'm enjoying right now and looking forward to are:

1. Going to UAE hopefully on the 24th. I'll be with my hubby na rin at last. We got tickets already, waiting for the visa by next week sana meron na. Problem is I can't fit my things and keep it to 20 kilos. Hay!

2. Nichos. Being a stay at home mom gives me time for my son. Although sometimes napapagalitan ko love na love ko naman talaga anak ko.

3. Watching Gossip Girl. Just finished the latest episode and looking forward to the next one.

4. Playing PSP. Gift from hubby to keep me busy while we're not together.

5. Internet. Blogging, Friendster, YM, Girltalk etc. I do this everyday except for the blogging part hehe. Got busy with writing articles too as a homebased job.

Happiness is a state of mind. It's your choice if you want to be happy. I made my choice and I'm happy :)