Monday, May 19, 2008

Trademark No More

Ever since I was born, my mole has become my trademark. The doctor even thought it was dirt. As years go by, it became bigger but it never really bothered me as I was okay with it. My husband was even convincing me to have it removed and even 1 doctor in Saudi offered to do the procedure for free but I still was not convinced. Coz I believe "swerte" ko yung mole ko. But since yesterday I felt that my mole was changing it was not as smooth as before and nagbleed kasi natamaan ko so I was alarmed. I went to the Doctor today to have to checked although at the back of my mind there was fear on what the doctor has to say but I said to myself prevention is better than cure. The Doctor said I still need to observe it or to have peace of mind, have it removed. I was having second thoughts but I felt I really had to do it than be burden with a long term consequence like Cancer perhaps. And so after 27 years of having a mole, which my grandmother told me was my beauty mark, I had it excised. My chin has a bandage now and the doctor even gave me the removed mole for souvenir. So Trademark no more for me but still happy.