Wednesday, June 18, 2008

10 things/people that makes me happy. I got tagged by my sis, Karla

The rules are easy, just post 10 things/people that make you happy.
Then tag 10 people and FORCE them to post this on their blogs.
Good luck!
THESE ARE THE TOP 10 things and people the makes me really really happy.

1. Family - My boys, Mhon & Nichos. Mommy, Daddy, Kay, Arvi, Mama Des.

2. Internet - Keeps me sane. Now that I stay at home, the internet is my friend. I blog, answer forums (GT) and of course Chat. I'm online everyday, unless walang signal.

3. Chocolates - I have a sweet tooth and it is my happy pill. If I feel down, chocolate perks me up.

4. Ice Cream- Baskin Robbins, Yummy!

5. TFC/ GMA Pinoy TV - We have both at home. I can be a Kapuso and sometimes a Kapamilya. Makes me feel that I'm just in the Philippines.

6. TV - We love watching TV and movies. That is why we have 2 TVs at home.

7. Cellphone - Keeps me in touch with family and friends. And of course, I'll know where hubby is with just one dial.

8. Mediacom - I can sing my heart out in the comforts of my home and feel like Mariah Carey or Celine Dion :)

9. Mall/ Grocery - Although there are only 2 malls in Al Ain, going out is always fun for me. Also grocery shopping with my boys. I don't now if it is also fun for hubby as he is the one paying :)

PSP/ Books - One of my past times to keep me from being bored. Though I seldom play PSP now, kasi hubby always use it. I'm now loving reading again, just finished Jemima J by Jane Green.