Friday, July 18, 2008

Need to Lose Weight

I need to lose weight. When I gave birth, I never did go back to my old figure. Though some people say I'm not fat, if they saw me when I was still single, they'd surely say that I've gained some weight. When old friends see me, they'd usually say "tumaba ka". I miss my flat tummy and my 24-25 waistline. When I was in College, I was really thin and I could wear anything I want. My friend Irene, even commented on friendster that "siya lang nakakapagsuot ng tube sa
kahabaan ng antonio na carry niya talaga!"I could eat anything and not gain a pound. I miss those days.

But now my tummy is a problem. My waistline is still in the 20's but much higher. I need to moderate what I eat and lessen chocolates which is very hard as I really have a sweet tooth. During our last grocery shopping, I did not buy Baskin Ice Cream as a start. And now, we bought a new exercise machine, a stationary bike. I can exercise while watching TV. It's gonna be a start so I can lose some weight.