Sunday, July 27, 2008

Work or study update

When I wrote a few days back about being undecided on whether to work or study, until now I still did not make up my mind but the great news is I already have work. It's not your ordinary work wherein you go to the office. I have a home based job. I will be working from home starting tomorrow. It is a great option for me as I can take care of my son while working and attend to hubby as well. I have read opinions from those who already started in this kind of job. They all have the same feedback that it is a wise decision especially for stay at home mom's and wives who want to earn money for themselves and still have time for their family. Just think about it, you can work while watching TV, looking after your son, doing the laundry, no traffic, no need for office clothes, you can work wearing whatever you want. You can find jobs in Craigslist or That's where I found my 2 jobs. I now need to be able to manage my time at home between my work and my family and maybe also find the time to study as well.