Thursday, July 24, 2008

About me....

Facts about me:

- I love my boys: Nichos & loveydoods

- I want another baby, hopefully a baby girl

- I miss my mommy, daddy, kay, arvi, mama des

- I enjoy blogging and posting pictures (multiply, friendster) as I want my friend to be updated with my life wherever they may be

- I love to read (chick lits)

- I have a sweet tooth (chocolates and ice cream)

- I never thought I'd be a housewife and stay at home mom but I'm trying to enjoy every minute of it

- I love to cook ( although this may be a shock to some people, i just want them to know that I already know how to cook, it might not be perfect but my hubby and baby loves it or so they say)

- My son is my # 1 fan, he says I'm ganda and sexy and always tells me whenever I feed him "sarap ng cook mo mama", even if he has not tasted it yet.

- I enjoy surfing the net

- I'm a hopeless romantic who is always in love with love and I believe in ever after and happy endings

- I love my unique name "LARLA". When I tell people my name, they usually get it wrong, I become, Lala (only my bestfriend can call me by this name), Leila, Lara etc. They never get it right unless I spell it to them. And eventhough people get my name wrong, I still like it. I do not want to use my second name, Anne to make it easier for people to remember as my name Larla is indeed one of a kind, just like me. I haven't met anyone else with the same name as mine