Friday, November 28, 2008

First Buy for Baby

I bought an Avent Newborn Starter Set for baby which includes 4 feeding bottles, pacifier and a bottle cleaner. I know its still too early to buy but I can’t resist as it was on sale. Originally price for AED 115 but bought it for only AED 86, it was such a good deal that I just had to buy it. I have been browsing the net and this was most recommended feeding bottle for babies.

There were lot of items on sale in Baby Shop even the cribs, car seat, stroller and of course baby clothes. We would have wanted to buy but unfortunately we have no place to store them. We still have 6 months to go before I give birth. Hubby does not want to buy baby clothes yet as we do not know the gender yet and he does not want to buy white colored items. He prefers that we buy blue for boy and pink for a girl. I can’t wait to know the gender and shop for baby items. Hopefully in my next ultrasound, we’ll be able to determine the gender already.