Monday, November 3, 2008

Spending Monday

I woke up early to prepare Nichos' food for school and prepare him for school as well. Have him eat breakfast and give him a bath then wait with him until his car service arrives. That is usually the start of my day. After he was picked up me and hubby went to the hospital to confirm my appointment in OB clinic and do some groceries. We went home and has lunch.

My appointment was at 13:30 so I left the house at around 12:30 so I will finish early but unfortunately I waited almost 2 hrs and was seen by the doctor at around 15:00 already. I am so happy as I am able to see that my baby is okay. The baby is active as well as the heartbeat.

At around 16:30 we went to Al Ain Zoo and we really enjoyed the sights. Although there are not much animals, it was still worthwhile. I really enjoy having our pictures taken. We even watched the Bird Show.

All in all it was indeed a tiring day for all of us. Now, hubby and Nichos are fast asleep already while I'm busy blogging and uploading our Al Ain Zoo pics.