Sunday, November 9, 2008

Dubai Mall and Dubai Aquarium

We went to Dubai Mall yesterday to see the Dubai Aquarium and Discovery Center. The mall is really big but some of the shops were not opened yet but still you will enjoy the place. The food court is opened and they have a place where the view is a waterfalls which is really nice. The Gold Souk is not yet opened though and they have an ice skating rink. You can see the indoor aquarium and be amazed at so many variety of fishes. But if you want to see more you can pay an entrance fee of SR 50 per person to enter the Dubai Aquarium and Discovery center and see more sea creatures which include penguins, seal, crab, eels etc. You can also opt to pay SR 15 to go to the tunnel inside the large aquarium but it is cheaper if you just pay the SR 50 as the entrance of the tunnel is included already. Just go early as there are really lots of people. Kids would really enjoy it. Me and my family did and we have tons of picture to prove it. Check my multiply site for more pics.