Sunday, November 16, 2008

Friendster, what happened????

I didn't know anything about social networking sites but since I worked abroad, I decided to try friendster. It was when I went for vacation and met my friends, all of them were talking about it and I could not relate and so I decided to create my own account and then my love for friendster began. You can update your profile, add pictures and of course get in touch with old friends and find new one's as well. I upload it with latest pics of me and my family to keep all of my friends updated. I have found old friends and classmates from my elementary and high school days and see how much they have changed. Even my hubby and son have a friendster account. Also, my mom, dad, sister, aunt, cousins. It was like a family thing. Blogging is also now a part of friendster. Friendster has become a part of my everyday life, I never miss a day of not checking my account. Last Friday it was under maintenance and I thought it would only be awhile but it lasted the whole day. I even asked my sister in the Phils.if her friendster account is okay as I thought it was a problem in our network. Yesterday, when I checked I was happy as I was able to log in but unfortunately my 500+ friends became 98 only. My first thought was why did this happen? I thought it was only me but even my sister told me the same thing happen to her account. I just hope it will all be restored soon as it is very hard to find long lost friends especially when some of them got married already and change their surnames. Friendster is a way of keeping in touch with old friends and family now that I am here abroad. My family can see how Nichos has grown and especially now that we have a new baby coming. And of course I would want to upload the baby pics when he/she comes out.


FickleMinded said...

think parang they are doing some make over, may notice naman sa friends list na they are working on it.
btw, sa Dubai ka pala naka-base, my sister works there but she'll be home (in manila) this December na.