Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Year Updates

I am now on my 21st week of pregnancy which means I am already halfway there, only 19 weeks more to go and I'll be able to hold my little angel. I get excited each day. I'm having my next checkup on my birthday on the 19th and an ultrasound also, I'll reconfirm again the gender although I'm quite sure this is a girl. Bought some baby stuff already most of which in unisex colors like yellow and green just to be on the safe side although i still bought pink colored baby stuff, i just can't resist. Baby Nicole as what we call her is getting more active each day, little kicks here and there and hubby can already feel her movements when he places his hands on my tummy. Nichos really wants to feel the kicks but unfortunately when he places his hand Nicole does not make movements anymore.

Another thing that hopefully we'll have answer is our application for immigration to Canada. We are still waiting for our file no. which unfortunately took more time than expected. I read there are new rules now which includes a list of 38 jobs which would be eligible for immigration and hubby's job is not in it. The agency has not yet confirmed to us what will happen if it will be rejected or not but we are keeping our fingers cross that all will work out well.

I am still thankful for my online jobs in odesk and one outside odesk which keeps me busy from time to time and of course I am earning even if I am at home. I am able to save up a portion of my earnings and plan to open a time deposit account. I have a goal to reach a certain amount and use it for something special which I plan to do for me and hubby.

All in all, I look forward to this year and to more blessings.