Monday, February 9, 2009

New buy for Nicole

It's so hard to buy clothes while pregnant as I'm always thinking if I can still wear it even if I'm no longer preggy. I feel so bloated lately and my tummy gets heavier each day. Had my check up today and the baby is fine. I have told the doctor to schedule me for CS on May 8 as per hubby's request as it is his mom's bday. I still have to confirm with the consultant on my next check up.

There have been lots of sale in the mall lately but because I'm having a hard time trying out clothes I just opt to buy for Nichos and Nicole instead. I recently bought a onesie and capri for Nicole and a shirt for Nichos at Gap lately and today when we went there it was still on sale so I bought a cutie mini skirt for Nicole. It costs 115 Dirhams but I only got it for 39 Dirhams, so it was such a steal that I couldn't let it pass. Nichos ask for a Gap cap for himself which hubby said was more expensive than the caps that he has.

I am now 26 weeks preggy so a few more weeks to go. I'm getting excited each day.