Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day

Yesterday was Valentines day, a day for lovers. I was not feeling well yesterday but still we manage to go out and have dinner. Hubby also bought me a gift, a Creative Zen V Plus MP4 player. I was planning to buy it on my first paycheck by the end of the month but he said he’ll just buy it for me instead and today after church we went to the mall and he bought me a diamond ring, we have yet to get it as it is still being resize. Aren’t I lucky to have a husband like him.

It makes me think back to old days wherein I had a conversation with a good friend of mine and we talked about Valentines day hoping that someday we would have someone to celebrate it with. When I was in college, you would see students everywhere with flowers in tow during valentines and me and my friend would make fun and say they’d just probably bought the flowers by themselves so that people would think that their boyfriends gave it to them. But deep inside we were just jealous hehe.....

Now, I have someone to be with on Valentine’s day and although I still do not receive flowers, I’m still happy as ever as I get to spend valentines day with the one I love and we have been spending it together for the past 6 years and counting for more years to come.