Saturday, March 21, 2009

Nichos, the big boy

Nichos is growing so fast. He knows how to count 1-100, starting to learn to read, has memorized how to spell his full name “Nicholas Riley Landicho” and write it as well. He is very talkative and hyperactive. He also has lots of questions and wants to know lots of things. It will start with one question and it would go on endlessly with every answer you give him. Like last night, here’s what our conversation was:

Me: Nichos tulog na (Nichos, go to sleep)

Nichos: bakit (why)

Me: Kasi gabi na (because its already night time)

Nichos: bakit gabi na (why is it already night time)

Me: kasi wala na yung sun (because the sun is gone)

Nichos: bakit wala na yung sun ( why is the sun gone)

Me: kasi andyan na yung moon (because the moon is already there)

Nichos: bakita andyan yung moon (why is the moon there)

Me: kasi gabi na ( because its already night time)

And there you go, our conversation led us to where we began. It really did not end there but I had to end it as I was already very sleepy. I ended with telling him that if he does not go to sleep the monsters are coming.

If you tell him something his usual answer would be “kasi mama” (because mama). Meaning you have to explain to him why a certain thing needs to be done. Everything has to have a reason and from there his questions will be endless. It’s a continuous question and answer portion for him.

It really shows that he is a big boy now and soon to be a “kuya”