Sunday, March 15, 2009

How it all began....

I only tell this story to my close friends but I just feel so lucky and thankful to have such a wonderful husband that I wanted to share how it all began.

I was working in a Recruitment agency in the Philippines deploying candidates to Saudi Arabia and UAE. He was one of my applicants. He left for Saudi August 2002 and since it was his first time to travel and he was travelling alone, I gave him a calling card so he can call me in case of emergency. We had 2 calling cards at the office, one which has our personal mobile number and the other which only has the office number. I felt responsible for him so I gave him the one with the mobile number. Mid of August I changed my mobile number from prepaid to a post paid plan and just kept the sim card. By October the same year I was offered an HR position in the same hospital. I was due to travel 2nd week of December but due to change of plans my travel date became 31st December. During this time, I found a spare phone at home so I decided to insert my prepaid sim and voila someone has miss called me and I notice that the number was in Saudi Arabia and since I was going there, I decided to store the number and told myself that I’m gonna look for the person who is ringing me. You might have guessed by now who that person is, he is the love of my life, my bestfriend, my partner, my hubby.

I went to Saudi to work and become independent. Love really comes when you least expect it. All my life I was always looking for love and for the first time that I wasn’t, love came along. Someone once told me that you should not look for love but let love find you and she was right. So that’s how it all began, our love developed in Saudi Arabia, of all places, where it was prohibited for men and women to mingle and get together. Life is indeed ironic. Now, we are happily married for almost 6 years with one cutie son and a little angel on the way.