Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Baby and pregnancy thoughts

I’m on my 30th week already. 8 more weeks and I’ll be able to hold baby in my arms. I have bought most of the baby items already. The first thing that I bought was a newborn starter set from Avent which has 4 bottles and I added 2 more bottles and recently we bought a bottle sterilizer from Chicco. I bought all these on sale so it’s cheaper. Most of which I bought already are baby clothes like onesies, frogsuits, shorts, pajamas, shirts,socks, booties and mittens. I also added a few clothes from baby Gap, bought on sale of course. I already have 2 receiving blankets, one hooded and the other one is not. One towel which I need to add 1 more. I am still looking for a baby record book though. I have not bought the big items yet like the crib and stroller as well as the baby bathing items like the baby tub. I also plan to buy a baby bouncer as I saw a friend of hubby use this for his baby and it worked wonders, the baby was sleeping peacefully as it seems like she is being cradled and rocked.

I like shopping for baby items most especially that it’s a girl, so many cute items for girls. My husband is telling me that I am more prepared this time than when I was pregnant with Nichos before. Well, I was in Saudi when I was pregnant with Nichos then and the selection of baby items was not that many. Nichos is a boy, not much items to choose from. No favouritism whatsoever, Nichos will always be my first born but well I have always wanted a baby girl. I want to have a MINI ME. Also, people are always saying Nichos really looks like his daddy so now, I’m hoping Nicole would look like me of course.

Even though I have most of the items already, I am still not that prepared to giving birth again. Even if I know I am scheduled for CS on first week May, the thought, still makes me scared. But I know I have to be strong and just think that I’ll be seeing my little one soon. I can’t remember anymore the pain that I felt with Nichos before. Good thing now that hubby will be with me unlike before when he was in Saudi when I gave birth.

We really planned this pregnancy as we believe that parents should have spent most of their time already with their child before having another. I have nothing against people who have children one after the other, I salute them for being able to manage their time but for me I would rather that I have already spent quality time with my child and given him all my attention. Nichos is already spoiled enough and was already the one asking for a sibling so it was really time and God answered our prayers and Nichos’ as well. Until now he still prays every night for a baby sister and he said he will continue to do so until the baby comes out. He is so excited to be a “kuya” and we are too. We look forward to having our little princess. Nichos is King by the way, he said he is not prince but King of our house and of our lives. Also, baby gifts are most welcome