Thursday, July 2, 2009

Movie time

Yesterday, we went to watch Transformers 2 at Al Ain Mall. It was Nichos' first time to enter a movie house and our first time here in UAE to watch on the big screen. When we entered the movie house, we were all alone so we had time to have our photos taken. Nichos' was very talkative saying that the screen is so big and asking where is the DVD player to put in the CD. Before the actual start time of the movie a few people came in but we were the only Filipino's. Nichos was so happy and he said we were not alone anymore. We enjoyed the movie and it was really worth it. One thing I notice though there is an intermission around half of the movie probably for people who want to go to the toilet and buy some snacks. It was somehting new to us as in the Philippines we do not have intermission during movies.