Sunday, July 19, 2009


I haven't posted a blog for some time as I got so busy with work and in the weekend I catch up to play with my kids. Hubby just recently bought me a blackberry storm which I enjoy so much as I am able to receive my emails anytime, anywhere as well as chat through ym and update my facebook and twitter. I can also browse the internet whenever I want to.

We also just finished my daughter's Christening and my son's birthday. Photos in my facebook account.

Today is a non working holiday so we had a long weekend. We went to Dubai Festival City yesterday and I am so happy with my purchases as it was on sale due to Dubai Summer Festival (DSF). I got an Esprit skinny jeans for AED 74 ($20), mango office skirt AED 49 ($13), mango Olive Oyl shirt AED 34 ($9), mango shorts AED 35 ($9) and my favorite find is a Sarah Jessica Parker Covet perfume for only AED 58 ( $15). It used to be AED 225 ($61) but it was on sale so I got it at a cheap price. When we went to Abu Dhabi a few weeks back I was also able to get a mango blazer for only AED 99 ($26), Mango slacks AED 49 (13) and a Mango Cardigan AED 35 ($9).

Our 2 hr. trip to dubai was really worth it after all our good finds. We just usually go there if it is on sale.