Sunday, November 29, 2009

hello hello......

I haven't updated my blog for sometime now, I guess I'm just so lazy to do so. Got addicted to playing games in FB and of course my little angel has arrived. I thought of updating it now and hopefully will be able to keep it updated.

My little princess will be turning 7 months on Dec. 7. Indeed, how time flies so fast. We bought her a walker as she is already starting to stand up and take those little baby steps.

I'm getting bored already in the house as it is a very long weekend here in the UAE. Last Friday me and my friends and family explored Dubai. It was really fun. We left Al Ain at around 6:30 and arrived at home at around 10pm. I wasn't able to buy anything for myself but I did enjoy the tour and slept with a smile on my face. Our last stop was Global Village.

I will really try to keep this blog alive and updated. I'm planning of posting here our trips, purchases and whatever goes or maybe make it into a fashion blog....