Friday, May 21, 2010

Abu Dhabi Trip

Today, we went to Marina Mall in Abu Dhabi. Living in Al Ain, we rarely go to Dubai or Abu Dhabi as it is 2 hrs. from here. I only go there when it is sale season and today was one of those days. We last went to Abu Dhabi last year to renew our passport. I told my husband I wanted to go because it is sale in Centrepointe in Marina Mall. Centrepointe is like a group of shops which includes Splash, Shoemart and Babyshop. We also have a Centrepointe here in Al Ain but the one in Abu Dhabi is so much bigger. Honestly, I go there for Babyshop where I buy my kids clothes. They are really cheap like I get a dress for Nichole for 12 AED ($3.50), shorts for Nichos at 15 AED ($4.00) etc. It was really tiring but we did have fun shopping.

P.S. Yehey, I have been updating my blog almost everyday since I came back from hiatus. I hope I can keep it up.


J said...

Abu Dhabi. Reminds me of SATC 2! ;)