Saturday, May 22, 2010

Designer Handbag

Me and hubby were talking last night before drowsing off to sleep. I was telling him that he has so many shoes and  some of which I haven't seen him wear it yet. He told me that his fondness for shoes is the same fondness I have for bags. I admit it, I love bags. I am a bagaholic. I love it more than shoes. It doesn't really matter on what the brand is as long as I like the design, shape and color although I have a soft spot for Lacoste, Mango and Guess. Then I realize and told him that I don't have a designer bag like Louis Vuitton or Burberry. Suddenly, it hit me, I want a designer handbag, just 1 bag to satisfy my urge. He said why don't I buy one, I told him its too expensive although I can afford it I'm still contemplating if it is really worth it. He did tell me he'd buy me one but maybe he'll forget abut it and say he was too sleepy to even remember what we have talked about last night. I will check the Burberry outlet store here, maybe I'd find something worth buying.

Is a designer handbag really worth it???