Thursday, May 20, 2010

HongKong Macau Trip

Hubby and I had the Hongkong Macau Trip last January during our vacation to the Philippines. I got a good deal from a friend of mine, a fellow girltalker , Ranz. It is for a 4 days 3 nights stay in HK with a day tour in Macau. It is all inclusive (airfare, hotel, day tour, daily breakfast). It is our first out of the country trip where we went there not to work but to enjoy and tour. We have always been out of the country (Saudi then, UAE now). We arrived in the morning and was met by our tour guide at the airport. The good thing with travel packages is that there will be someone meeting you when you arrive and bringing you to your hotel. We stayed in Dorsett Far East. The room was small, quite cramped but enough for 2 people. Although the hotel is not located in the main city, it is not a problem as MTR is just a few blocks away. I enjoyed riding the MTR and the map was indeed very useful. Before the trip, I already had an itinerary and have researched places to go to. We have left out going to Disneyland and Ocean Park as we wanted to go there again as a family with the kids probably when Nichole is bigger.

When we arrive, we had lunch at Cafe de Coral. Food ws really good as you can see in my photo and cheap as well. Food in Hk is really expensive. Then we went to Ngong Ping 360 and Citygate Outlet Mall. We rode the cable car and it was really fun and exciting. The HKD 107 each for a roundtrip cable car ride was worth it. Of course, who wouldn't resist photos. I love taking pictures and having my photos taken. My hubby prefers to be the photographer. Citygate Outlet Mall was big and as it is an outlet store most of the items arre on sale. Honestly, I didn't appreciate it as much as I want to, being a shopaholic as I am. Here, in UAE I think the prices are much cheaper (Esprit, H & M). The only store that I enjoyed in Hongkong was the Lacoste shop. Although , Lacoste store in HongKong airport is way cheaper. Me and hubby were able to buy Lacoste polo shirt at cheaper prices.

On the 2nd day we went for a day tour which was part of the package. It was nice as we were able to go to places we wouldn't have gone bu ourselves. After the tour, we asked to be dropped in Tsim Shat Tsui, which is the main city where we explored and did some shopping. In the evening we went to Mongkok Night Market although we were very cautious because of what I read on the acid attacks. It was a lot like Divisoria in the Philippines wherein you can haggle, They will even give it to you at 1/2 the price they first tell you.

On the 3rd day we went to Macau. It is a 1 hr. ferry ride from HongKong. It was part of the tour package that we availed and it even oncluded 1 buffet lunch in one of the hotels. Macau is small, you can probably tour it in a day. Most of the places you will find are the casino's. It is everywhere.

4th day was our last day. Check out at the hotel was at 12 noon but our flight back was at 9:00 pm. We still had time in the morning to go around so we went back to Mongkok Market to look around for items we might have missed.

I was not so keen in trying authentic Chinese food as I might have stomach upset and it would ruin the trip so we opt for KFC, Pizza Hut and Cafe De Coral. Our daily breakfast was McDonalds which was part of the package. What I really like about Hongkong is they don't care what people wear. They are all so fashionable especially it was winter that time we went. Although Language is a barrier, just bring a map handy with you and you'll be safe and know the nearest MTR in your hotel so in case you get lost, you can just take the MTR and go down to that station.

Must try are the egg tarts in Macau and KFC. I want to go back to HK for sure with the kids next time.


Mrs. Kolca said...

I also really, really wanna go back to HK for a vacation. I have friends there, so hoping to see them again. Wanna visit Disneyland too. I'm sure my daughter will like it there.

Larla Anne said...

hi sis. me too i want to go to Hk again with the kids naman pag medyo malaki na siguro bunso ko kasi 1 pa lang sya baka d pa nya maremember. I'm sure your daughter will enjoy it na.

J said...

Egg tarts! I went to Macau and bought dozens of egg tarts, not realizing that we have Lord Stow's here in Manila. :)

Larla Anne said...

really meron pala sa Pinas hehe...