Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday, friday

"Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday, everybody's looking forward to the weekend". My daughter has been singing this song over and over so I decided to make it the title of this post. Friday for us is the weekend. Our weekends here are Friday and Saturday. Yesterday, we told the kids we are going out today to go to Dubai. We live in Al Ain, which is like 2 hrs from Dubai. My daughter remembered it this morning and woke us up saying, "Mama, mall na tayo". She is only 2 yrs. old but she speaks like an adult. She loves going to the mall and dressing up. If you tell her that we are going to the mall, she will immediately stripped off her clothes to change. May pinagmanahan talaga ang anak ko sa pagiging gala. Anyway we went to Dubai Mall this time. This is the only mall which has a big aquarium in it. After Dubai Mall, we went to Dubai Outlet Mall and last stop was Al Foah Mall in Al Ain for grocery shopping. All photo's below are from Dubai mall. We did not have time to have photos taken in Dubai Outlet Mall as we were busy looking around.
I love sale, who doesn't???
Gold Souq in Dubai Mall
sale in Bebe
Dubai aquarium
Hermes, how I wish

 my hubby says my outfit is like pantulog, I don't care, I told him it's fashion. This floral harlem pants are so comfy. Top from Mango