Saturday, July 30, 2011

Weekend Loots

We spent the day in 3 different malls. It was tiring but it was fun with all the loots we got.

In Dubai Mall, I was not able to buy anything for myself even though it was sale everywhere. I only bought these sweets for me and the kids.
I have been looking for this M&M crispies and I love dark chocolate The twizzlers are like tootsie rolls.
Next stop was Dubai Outlet Mall. Mango has an outlet store there and I can say that you can find really cheap branded items basta halungkat galore ka talaga and minsan swerete lang talaga. Before, I was able to buy original juicy bag for AED 69 (PhP 800) from original price of AED 999 (PhP11,600), it was such a steal. When I asked why it was that cheap, sabi ng kabayan na cashier nagkamali lang ng price at bar code, swerte ko talaga!
cute mango dress AED 65 (PhP 750)

 Grendha - These are all not mine. The only one for me is the shoes, all others are for my mom, sister and grandma.  Got this really cheap for AED 25 (PhP 290)

 When we go out to the mall, we usually go our own way and just BBM each other where we are once we are done. I do take a lot of time in the fitting room and I don't want him going with me as well when I'm looking around as he gets impatient.
Hubby busy shopping in reebok
He got this for me, told me about it on our way home.
Our last stop wast Al Foah Mall for grocery shopping, that is all we intended to buy but we got sidetracked when we saw this.
Did not plan on buying this but we thought this is a steal for only AED 699 (around 8k in pesos). This is a LED 24 inch TV

What about you, what are your weekend finds???


Jackie said...

great finds! you got some really good deals. =))

Larla Anne said...

thanks i really feel much cheaper talaga dito sa UAE

djeng said...

hi, can i ask where were you able to buy the grendha shoes? outlet mall din? salamat :D

djeng said...

Hi, where were you able to buy the grendha shoes? thank you :)