Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Have not been blogging lately my OTD. The thing is hubby was off last week so he was able to take my photos in the morning but this week he returned back to work. His duty starts early so by the time he leaves, I am still in bed . When I get ready and leave for work the kids and my niece are still asleep. They are waking up late now since it is vacation for Nichos. His classes will start in September.  So no one is available to take my pics, tried doing it in front of the mirror pero nasasagwaan ako yung mirror kasi namin na whole body eh pinagdugtong dugtong lang so kita yung hati ng bawat mirror. Will see if hubby can take my photo when I get home pero haggard na ko by that time kaya wala na ko sa mood mag picture.

I feel so sleepy lately, as in super antok,  feeling ko kulang na kulang ako sa tulog pero d naman. Looking forward to the weekend to catch up on sleep. Can’t gala na kasi out of budget, tution time kasi. And of course going out means spending. Can’t help it, I am bound to pick up something when I go out. If not, we would be surely eating out, which is still spending and I tend to splurge on food.

With nothing to do , I am looking at my mom’s and sis pictures in FB from their Vietnam - Cambodia trip. They have been traveling a lot, for me the only place outside of Middle East and Pinas that I have been to is Hongkong and Macau. If I really have the time and the money, we will travel soon.