Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Honestly, at first I don't really understand why people are fussing over this Ipad mania same as with the Iphone or any apple products for that matter. I would choose a creative MP3 player over an Ipod Nano as I do not want to go through Itunes and prefer to just copy and paste which is what I do with my creative zen music player but times change and I am now an apple convert and we have apple overload with me having an Ipad and Iphone and my husband having an Ipod touch. Even my kids simply adore the these gadgets. My 2 yr old daughter keeps on borrowing my Iphone and it would really keep her still. She loves watching Dora in it and even the story books. She is always saying to me "I like Iphone". While other kids like dolls, toys, my daughter likes Iphone. Kids are really techie nowadays.

This is my IPAD screenshot
If there is one gadget that I truly enjoy aside from my blackberry and iphone, it is my Ipad 2. What I love is it is big enough to watch a movie, my favorite TV shows and read ebooks. I have tons of movies and ebooks stored in my Ipad and I could not sleep at night without reading a few chapter of a book I am currently into.

I would like to share the apps that I like in both Iphone and Ipad:
For videos:
VLC media player - this is where I watch my favorite TV shows and movies without having to convert it. I'm not so sure though if this is still available in Itunes.
For reading:
1. Ibooks - ebooks should be in epub file
2. Stanza - since it opens PDF file ebooks
3. Zinio - magazine reader
Social Networking:
1. Yahoo Messenger
2. Facebook
3. Twitter
4. Skype - super love using skype on IPAD as I can move around while talking to my mom or dad back home and even show them the kids kahit malilikot sila.
For kids:
1. Read me stories - my kids love this as the stories are read out loud
2. ABC Free
3. Talking Tom
4. Baby Babble
1. Angry Birds
2. Sleepy (HD) - I think this is only for IPAD
3. Words with Friends - me and my husband are addicted to this before
4. Hanging with Friends
1. Appshopper - gives a list of apps that are free or have price drops
2. Period Calendar
3. Fstream - to listen to music station back home

That's it for now. Hope my list helps ^_^

Remember those days when Blackberry and Apple were fruits. Mouse was a rodent and Virus sat in the nose! How quickly times change. hehe


Karla said...

I wish I have an ipad. I can't relate with your blog post, hehe. :D

Larla Anne said...

buy na ipod touch hehe