Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Nichole loves Dora

Magkamukha na sila ni Dora
My 2 yr. old daughter loves Dora, I guess who doesn't even my son when he was this age likes Dora. Nichole loves everything Dora even the clothes,shoes, hairclips etc. Her hair is even cut like Dora. I do watch Dora sometimes with her and it is educational. Nichole learned how to count because of Dora and she also counts in Spanish as well since Dora speaks both languages. I'm telling my husband at least Nichole knows how to speak Spanish. She memorizes all the songs even the Spanish one's. She was singing this one song over and over again and we could not understand it considering at 2 yrs old she does speak quite clearly already and then we knew, the song she is singing is in Spanish. We were really laughing as she is so cute.  My daughter never really fails to amaze me. 
Her bday cake when she turned 2 was Dora


Karla said...

Mini Dora! :D

Ate, naalala ko si Nichos nung pumunta tayo sa Cebu dati. Yung lines niya na "What an exciting trip today!" at ang "Wooah..windy hill". Natuto talaga siya kay Dora! ^__^

Larla Anne said...

oo kumakanta nga sya spanish kakaloka bilingual na anak ko hehe